• Can I apply the graphics myself, Is it difficult to do and what tools to I need?
    To apply small vinyl stickers and decals is a fairly straightforward process providing cerain rules are observed, please see our Hints and Tips page here for detailed instructions on applying vinyl graphics.
  • Will the graphics damage the paint or glass of my vehicle?
    No, the vinyl material not harm these surfaces. It will actually protect them and act as a shield to the sun, UV rays, dust, etc.
  • Do you offer custom graphics/services?
    Yes we do. We offer a wide range of services, from graphics design to custom graphics and fabrication.
  • What are the decals made from and how long will they last?
    All our graphic products are made from high quality and high gloss vinyl material with with deeper, richer and cleaner colors. They are rated either from 3 to 5 years of long-term outdoor durability depending on usage (chrome/gold mirror rated 2yrs), Longer life vinyl can be used and costed accordingly if requested. These materials are of optimum quality and have excellent workability and removal properties. All our vinyl graphics can be applied to any smooth, non-porous surface.
  • How do I remove the decals?
    Vinyl graphics and decals can be easily removed. Simply heat the decal with a heat gun, or hairdryer or even heat lamps until warm. Then using your fingernail, lift the edge of the decal and work across the surface of the decal. Please be careful not to overheat the decal. Overheating will result in more difficult removal. Once the vinyl is removed, use adhesive removers to remove any glue residue.
  • Will the decals come off after installation?
    Once installed please allow to dry for at least a day of fair weather before any stress is put on them, such as car wash, waxing, driving over 80mph on the motorway, etc. Other than that, they are on until you want them to come off. It is recommended that jetwash systems NOT BE USED on your vehicle as damage to the vinyls integrity could occur.
  • What will my decal / sticker look like when it is applied.
    It is important when ordering one colour vinyl decals it is understood what will be delivered and how that decal will work with the application you intend to apply. Below is an example of a typical decal and how it will look once applied.

    Here we see the same "one colour" decal in white and black applied to complimentary background colours, please make sure you order the correct colour for your application and understand how it will appear once applied.



Slowly peel off the backing paper, ensuring the vinyl sticker is adhered to the application tape (if the sticker is still staying attached to the backing paper lay the sticker application tape upwards on a hard clean surface and using a bank card applying reasonable pressure across the design) - Once done try peeling the backing paper off and the design should stay attached to the application tape.